Saturday, October 22, 2011

Setting Goals

My goals have been running Mud runs with obstacles - 5k (3 miles), 10k (6 miles), and 10 miles. I've done the Gladiator Rock'n Run and the Tough Mudder. My next goal is a half marathon (13.1 miles) which is on October 30, 2011. It's best when you're in a team, so you can motivate each other to workout and during the event.

Overall, mud runs are fun, but I wanted another challenge. The preparation is a struggle because of my schedule, however, my health is more important. It's the only time I get to focus on me. Hence, music gets me through my workout because it's what I enjoy the most.

Additionally, I enjoy reading articles about workouts, nutrition, and anything that is motivational. On facebook I follow My Mad Methods Magazine, Innovative Results, and Funk Volume Fitness to get tips.

Set goals, find a team, inspire each other, and work hard!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What’s your next goal? And why do you set them?

The 10-mile Tough Mudder obstacle course tested our team's mental toughness, and physical capabilities. Thank you Team Hustle Harder, and anyone who helped me prepare for this event - Innovative Results, Warrior Training with Aaron Guyett, and all the Warriors (AAAOOO-AAAOOO)!

I was tired at the end, but very proud for accomplishing this goal. We were looking at four walls to climb by our 9th mile. "Fuck, I'm tired. How am I going to climb this shit," came to mind. I realized that my legs were tired, but my arms were ready to pull me up. I had my team with me, and we went for it!  Great times!

Now, I want to challenge my speed and stamina. Hence, my next goal is to run the Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ marathon on October 30, 2011. We set them to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong! WE NEED TO BE STRONG! 

In my opinion, goals are a great way to keep you motivated during your training.  I know that I'll make mistakes that will lead to injury or poor dieting, however, that will not deter me from reaching my goals. I will stay focus, and avoid these mistakes and poor dieting! My efforts begin today!
"I can't" will only stop you from winning, and winning is not quitting.  I just started to learn how to swim about a week and a half ago. If it wasn't for the Tough Mudder, then I wouldn't have even tried to go in the water to prepare for the obstacle courses. Don't give up because you are selling yourself short if you do!
You just have to go!

Be strong! Focus on the positive things going on in your life. That does not mean to neglect the negative, but fix it. It's easier said than done, however, you shouldn't avoid it. It also shouldn't run your life. 

Being positive will change your life around! Be happy and smile!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Point 5.) Rest

Are you working out like crazy, but not seeing any results? Then, it’s time to take a break because your muscles need to rest. I understand that you want to keep pushing, but there is no point of pushing yourself when you’re not giving it 100%.

The rest will allow you to recover. Focus on your diet and start planning new workouts during this break. I read books like "Muscle Chow" and a runners book.  Check out this site to find new and unique workouts (if you like it, then subscribe to the magazine like I did):

If you feel like you need to be active, then take a yoga class (It'll stretch your entire body).

I hit a plateau about three weeks ago, so I took a break. After the break, I immediately lost 5 lbs, and ran 7 miles.  It was a needed rest because I was pushing my body to its limits without giving it any time to recover.

A combination of recovery, and a good diet will help your body recover efficiently. Come back stronger and harder once your rest period is over.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Point 4.) Exercise

You must be CONSISTENT! Keep going!  Make this routine into a lifestyle.

I want you to train properly in order to avoid injuries when you are exercising. Therefore, follow these steps when exercising:

1.      Warming up
2.      Stretch
3.      Exercise (followed by cooling down)
4.      Stretch

1.)    Warming up

It’s vital to warm up your muscle in order to prepare it for the upcoming strenuous exercise. Additionally, it makes loosen ups your muscle for stretching. 

A warm up should be light physical activity that simply elevates your heart and respiratory rate. Therefore blood and oxygen flow will easily flow to your muscle. This warm-up should take 5-10 minutes.

2.)     Stretching

Think of your muscle like a rubber band.  As a kid (or adult), have you ever stretched a rubber band to fling it in the air? When you regularly stretch your muscle, it gives your muscle flexibility, and strength (the farther you stretch the rubber band, the farther it flies). It also reduces the chances of injury.

Static stretching: This stretching allows you to focus on a specific (major) muscle.  Stretch slowly and cautiously when putting tension on that muscle.

There are other forms of stretching – dynamic and ballistic. I prefer static.

3.)    Exercising

Do the research to know the proper techniques. Talk to a trainer, read books, subscribe to a health magazine, look online for videos, etc.  I learned by working out with my friends who knew about strength training.

If you are going at a fast pace, then cool down. You don’t want your heart beat to be at a fast pace, and then slow down dramatically when you stop. Hence, you’ll reduce your heart beat by slowing down to cool off.

I’ve been training with weights for my upper body, hiking (stairs too) for my lower body, and jogging for my whole body. I also workout with chains, battle ropes, kettlebells, etc. at Innovative Results to keep my body guessing. MUSCLE CONFUSION! I will be adding swimming to my workout routine soon.

4.)    Final stretch

I like to stretch after I am done with my workout. Some of my friends do not. It’s up to you, but I like to do it.  Keep that body flexible!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Point 3.) Be Active

The first 10lbs you lose in a month is what I like to call the “INACTIVE FAT” when you are starting an exercise program and/or diet.  It’s the fat that just sits there because you haven’t done anything in a long time. Hence, all those infomercial that claim you will lose “10 lbs in 1 month” or “1 inch off your waist” is true because you’re now active after being inactive for a long time.  Thus, you’ll burn off that “inactive fat” in a month.  

Additionally, an individual will most likely start to watch what they eat when they start a workout plan because they want it to be effective. Then, they stop it because it’s “too much work” after a month. Please fight that urge to stop. It’s a slow progress, and you need to form a habit. Hence, I wrote these points in order of importance – Plenty water, eat well, and be active. Try to do this for a month because it takes 28 days to form a habit.  

Do you know how many miles do you walk in a day?

A mile or two? This would depend on your kind of work. If you work a 9-5 desk job, then you are limited. If you’re a construction worker, then you’ll be very active.  

You’ll burn more calories when you are active.  Being active is walking that quarter mile to the grocery store, and carrying the grocery bags instead of driving your car.  Take the stairs instead of the elevators. 
I was constantly tired after exercising when I first started the regimen. Therefore, I would go to the gym every other day.  However, I would purposely park my car farther away from a destination (on the day I didn’t go to the gym) because I wanted to walk more to burn more calories.   You’re adding more steps during your day, and each day you are building your endurance.  

Don’t forget that being active can be fun, too! Go ride a bike on the beach. Take your dog for a hike.  Go on a date to a skating rink.   JUST GO!

Point 2.) EAT WELL

Back in mid January 2007, I weighed at 270 lbs.  I was at 197 lbs by July 2007. I lost the weight the wrong way by starving myself. I didn’t do it intentionally (so I thought) because I was mostly on a liquid diet. I felt great, but I gained it all back (plus more!). By May 2009, I was at 260 lbs. By July 2010, I was at 297 lbs.
I started to exercise in July 2011, and I just lost a total of 80 lbs (March 12, 2011). I should have never been at 297 lbs! I am sharing this because I want you to reach your goal.  You’ll be conscious of what you eat when you understand how it benefits you.  Let’s begin. 
Calorie is energy.  On a lazy day, you can still burn 2,000 calories. However, on a lazy day you are probably eating junk food, drinking soda, and consuming over 2,000 calories. Therefore, you are eating more calories than you are burning. This will cause you to gain weight because the extra calories will turn into fat.   
I like to eat as healthy as possible on the day I am not exercising.  Make your calories count by preparing healthy meals! 
Keeping a low calorie diet doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself.  Also, your body stops to burn fat when you starve yourself because your body is conserving it for energy. Finally, you get cravings when you do starve yourself, and it leads to binge eating.  Hence, you start to crave that chili cheese burger.

Questions to consider before you do grab one:
  •       Are you craving it because you didn’t eat all day? 
  •       Has it been a while since you had one? If so, when was the last time you had fast food?
  •       Are you going to order chili cheese fries with that?
  •     What benefits do you get out of it? 
  •       Is there a healthy alternative, and still be satisfied? Or do you really have to have it?
Always think of the bigger picture when you ask these questions. I get cravings when it’s a busy day because I skipped a meal, and I forgot to pack a snack. Therefore, I’m “starving.” You’re not starving.  Stay focus on your goal, and you will reach it.
Yes, I do eat In-N-Out burgers with my animal style fries. However, it’s my reward for eating healthy for a few weeks.  Have you ever heard of someone getting fat because they ate too much fruits, and vegetables?
I’m not saying to go vegan. Just eat more vegetables, and fruits.  I hate the bland taste of a salad, and I don’t want to add empty calories (calories that do not add benefit) with dressing. I like to add dry cranberries for flavor. 
Additionally, carry snacks like baby carrot sticks, almonds, a banana, or an orange to build that habit.  
Keep a food log for at least 2-3 weeks. This will allow you to find your weakness. I found out I was eating baked goods every other day.  

I kept this blog simple, however, I will write blogs with more information in the near future. 


You must understand that your muscle fibers are tearing every time you exercise. No worries, your body naturally recovers itself, but you need to help your body by eating the right food.
Muscle recovery food:
-          PROTEIN: Eggs, milk, spinach, soybean, meat, fish, whole grains, beans, peas and nuts. (CHOCOLATE MILK ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS AS A REWARD).
Why protein? It helps your muscle heal. (Carbs are important too. I will mention this in a future blog.). It’s important to consume protein 30 minutes after your workout for it to be effective.
-          ANTIOXIDANTS: Blueberries, and apples.
-          ANTIOXIDANTS WITH VITAMIN C: Citrus fruits like oranges, melon, and berries.
-          ANTIOXIDANTS WITH VITAMIN E: Nuts – flax seeds, green veggies, and whole grains.
Why antioxidants? It reduces the damage to muscle fiber when you exercise.
Vitamin C and E: Reduces muscle damage (every heard of Free Radicals in your Health class in high school.  They stressed antioxidants to fight them. Yup, they were right).
-          POTASSIUM: tomatoes, bananas, and turkey.
Athletes eat potassium to have a strong day during their workout or game. It fights against muscle weakness, fatigue, and cramps
Please consult with a doctor before starting an exercise plan or diet.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


STOP! That’s not the way to go when you want to start a healthy lifestyle.  It’s like one of those “zone” diets, magic pills, tae kwon bo flex machine, whatchamacallit90x program, or… YOU GOT THE IDEA! Its short-term success and I know you don’t want that. You want to make a change! That’s why I’m here to help.  

For the next couple of weeks (leading up to my 5k on Saturday, March 19th), I will be writing about the five (5) points to success that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.  

Five (5) points to success:
1.      Drink plenty of water
2.      Eat well (Healthy)
3.      Be Active
4.      Warm-up, stretch, & exercise
5.      Rest


But not during your workout.

Have you ever had too much water during a workout? You probably answered this question because you heard *swish swish* echo through your stomach while you were jogging, or doing a sit-up.  I hate that too! Avoid it by drinking water before, and after your workout. I like to carry a half-gallon water container (I own a few), so I can drink water at anytime.  You may not like the idea of carrying a large container; however, if you exercise regularly, then your body will crave water. 

Remember that today’s water will keep you hydrated during tomorrow’s workout.  Soon you’ll be exercising without taking a sip of water. However, this does not happen overnight, and it’s something that is built upon.  If you need a sip of water during your workout, then get it!

If carrying a half gallon water container is too much, then carry a 32 oz water bottle.  Make it a habit! I replaced my juice, and soft drinks with water. Juices and soft drinks are composed of at least 26 grams of sugar. Sugar will become fat when you do not exercise.  Hence, water is a strong foundation in starting a healthy lifestyle because it has zero calories. Besides keeping you hydrated, water also cleans your liver.  

Raise your glass, and cheers to your new lifestyle!

Please consult with a doctor before starting an exercise plan or diet.